Wednesday, 21 February 2007

The Real Genesis

many people (assuming of course, that many people are goin to get to see this) are goin to want to know why i'm giving my blog this name (for those of you who don't get the pun, well, thats just too bad) So i thought of starting out with an introduction. it's a bit like what rap artists do - at least one song in the their debut album features an explanation about themselves (check out snoop dogg- "whats my name?" eminem- "the real slim shady" kano- "typical me" etc)
Just because I have a name like this don’t mean I have to contain profane stuff. I could very well be used for normal every day, witty sh**. Like what has four wheels and flies? A garbage truck. Of course that joke’s a bit over used and under rated and it’s the perfect example of what I intend to do with this column. School the public on the art of words. Reminds me on a reading I gave at my secondary school titled “Let Not Schooling Affect Your Education”. I virtually schooled the school on my school of thought in the comic genre. I was eventually told to school it down. Ok. Weak joke. Any way this reminds me (again) of something I heard a little recently. A sophomore asked her male colleague. “so why’d you decide to come to astrology class?” and the guy replies, “’cos I wanted to get to ur anus”. Now that sh** ain’t dirty. It’s just words man…

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raven chukwu said...

When I noticed your blog title, I just had to come hunting through your archives to make sure that it was, y'know, a totally deliberate choice made in full awareness of the double entendre.

You see, I remember watching one of the Austin Powers movies several years ago and actually wondering aloud what percentage of Nigerians would get the humor in the line "You may be a cunning linguist but I'm a master debater."

How wonderful, the long reach of the Flynn Effect.