Monday, 12 May 2008

My latest Project

Doing a compilation of poetry for kids ( I love kids a lot and hope they have a lot to learn from these) Its not just poetry but a collection of modern nursery rhymes and Life's truisms. Well thought out and written to guide a child from infancy to adulthood.

Here they are:

All work and no play
make Jack a man before his day
The opposite is just as wild
Poor Jack will always be a child

Mary had a little lamb
her father shot it dead
She still takes it to school each day
Between two bits of bread

Jack and Jill
Went up the hil
To fetch a pail of water
I don't know what they did up there
but they came back with a daughter

Early to rise
Early to bed
Makes a man healthy
But socially dead

Old Mrs Hubbard
Went to the cupboard
To get her poor dog some bread
But when she got there
the cupboard was bare
so the dog ate Mrs Hubbard instead.

In the search for Joy (which is futile)
Man finds a mate and walks down the aisle
to repeat that famous curse:
"we'll stay together, for better, for worse"

When I was a child
I spake as a child
Argumentative, obtuse and wild
But when I grew older
I gave up childish ways
And this has haunted me
The rest of my days.


bumight said...

awww, I see why the name "cunning linguist" fits.
but the dog ate Mrs Hubbard? that would be traumatic for the kids, don't u think?


The experiences of an achiever....... said...

i'm SECOND! yay me!! i like the concept.

Anonymous said...

You are a mad man o Ozaveshe. You come back exactly three months later with this ehn? cool sha, youre a smart "kid". Im afraid for your children though, maybe we should organise for them to be taken off you as soon as they are born so you do not adultrate their little minds.

Do you know how bad Mary will feel if she found out she had been taking her "lamb" to school everyday and eating it? Dont worry about your kids, we will make sure they come back to daddy as soon as they know the real nusery rhymes and can defend themselves.

So see you August 12th abi? I missed you sha, im sure you know that part already.

fantasy queen said...

so you finally admit to loving kids eh? maybe you have one one the way?

you've just got to mess the nursery rhymes up, bring the hopes and innocence of the child, of me crashing down?
you and kids, i think not.

Anonymous said...

You and kidz?... hmnn....

I know it may not pass for perfect message but...

Anonymous said...

Those rhymes are soooo NOT child- friendly!!!
What were u thinkin??
U will scar them kids for the rest of their lives (that is if they even have any by the time they done reading!!)
Anyway u come bak with an update 3 months after ur hiatus and i get.... robbed of my inner child

ibiluv said...

this ur poems wil cause the little ones nightmares......

theicequeen said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
theicequeen said...

finallyyy an update!! wuz already plannin on harrasin you into posting :P

you and kids eh? them poemz will create some verrry disturbed lil children oh! "mommy, why did jack and jill come back with a daughter? where do daughters come from?"

and imagine Mary's trauma when she finds out shes been lunching on HER gourment lamb?

but i like the one wiv all work and no play..jack go crase now! :P

welcome backkk!! and luvin this blog by the way

Uzezi said...

good one

Smaragd said...

u dont know me ... but i know u...

anyway, if only i could tell u HOW MANY TIMES i've stalked this blog searching for an update... u ...u... cunning linguist!

"when i was a child..." is not a poem!lol

thanx for murdering all those poems and effectively wiping off "sweet childhood memories"!for me.

u have an enviable way wiv words.

AlooFar said...

Very lovely one.

My favourite part

"Early to rise
Early to bed
Makes a man healthy
But socially dead"

Good job ;)

Afrobabe said...

Is this the update we waited this long for??


Afrobabe said...

see u in another couple of months...

fantasy queen said...

lol, i like that afro, see you in another couple of months.

1stpet2v9 said...

i can ONLY wonder wat is wrong with you...

LemonadeGirl said...

LOL! All children must know the truth... I'm gonna try some out in my 6 year old cousin


Love the blog!


Anonymous said...

oh c'mon let him be. he did say he is THE cunning linguist. he is one of the few people(the others r 2renowned authors) who writes stuf i can actually read without zoning of and thinking unimportant thots.
PLUS i inspired the blog name.
oz i gues 'thanx' will be in order!

Muse said...

good lord man! you'll just be teaching the kids the hard truth they don't need to know at this age. pretty darn gud stuff!

zara said...

had to read afrobabe's infamous comment before dropping poems are lovely...well kids nowadays r maturing faster than their age.. nothing better than a few hometruths..

shine said...

I love this! bravo!

Today's ranting said...

wow this is really cool. Ilove poems a lot.

dScR?Be said...

i think dt blogsville has given up.. on u

Anonymous said...

God I miss you!

funmi said...

this is the best post i have seen all month on blogville.jack and jill went up the hill but came down with a

Anonymous said...

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