Friday, 13 April 2007

Friday 13

I ought to have known from the very first sign I got today - my dream. I dreamt I was bitten by a malnourished mangy haired dog. Trust me, I bit it back with no compuctions whatsoever and watched it race off, howling into the darker recesses of Slumberland. I felt triumphant after that, was gloating to my imaginery self, but I should have known. Last time I had a confrontational, violent dream was...the week before bar finals so I should have learnt my lesson.
But I didnt.
I woke up somewhat elated and and with the taste of dog hair in my mouth, and promptly set about coming to work. Why I bothered sef I dont know as my game of solitaire has not significantly improved.
The streets were ominously quiet, the emptiness like a prelude to movie violence. I got to Tbs in record time. There was no electricity, the complex was deserted. The office was hot and unaccomodating. Dark shadows and strange shapes loomed in the darkness of the inner rooms, retreating eerily when I approached. By the time I had taken my seat and peeled off my jacket I was soaked in sweat and my breathing was uneven.
I sensed something in the air. Something, a shadow?, a shape? just beyond the corner of my eye.
I reacted fast, spinning to get a catch a glimpse of It, perhaps in the middle of death lunge on me.
I began tidying up my books into some order when - I felt It!
Bearing down on me with purposeful intent! It's dark shape enveloping the entire room till I could see nothing! I felt It's fetid strangled breathing, waiting to do something....
It was Andy, my colleague. He told me in his low, humourless monotone that he'd observed my Michael Jackson spin and was wondering why I was creeping around the building like a common criminal and moreover and more importantly there was no fuel in the generator so could I lend him some money to buy some on terms that the sum I loaned him would promptly be refunded to me as soon as he recieved delivery of same from source (he actually talks like that).
Somewhat mollified and a litte peeved at being caught out I gave him the money and turned on my computer.
That was when I saw the date...
I'm still at the office.
with bated breath...
for the day to expend itself.

I hope I make it...