Wednesday, 4 April 2007

Wonderful month of April

Man, I love this month!

Besides it being the month yours truly was born in, it's usually the month where Easter falls on. And that, (to all my overworked, underpaid, grumbling city-dwelling people) means a holiday!

It really has been a ball - first there was that funny moslem holiday which no one knew existed till the day before, and course we all stayed home (we have to show solidarity to our moslem brothers, you know) Then tomorrow is Good Friday (thank God it's Friday, thank Jesus as well for dying at such a convenient time) and the weekend comes, and we have Easter Monday (which is when He arose. Wouldn't it have been nice if He had delayed His resurrection by a couple of more days, then we get almost the whole of next week off work) Well since we can't turn back Time and ask Him to do a more lengthy job (I heard on good authority that that first experience was horrendous for Him) we'll just take what we have. No worries that most people are going to celebrate His Death and Resurrection with alcohol binges, frantic promiscuity and deliberate sloth. Or that as anyone who stays on the Island will tell you, the Mornings-After Good Friday and the entire weekend we will wake up to ruins of ghastly motor accidents on the lekki expressway. It's the thought that counts. But I'm digressing somewhat. The point is everyone loves a Hoilday, Lagosians more than others, and myself am no different. I've gotten to the point that I scan my calendar feverishly, hoping for some frivolous excuse to declare a day a work-free day. There's no other religious holiday this month, I think, so I'm looking to politics.
I heard a rumor some days ago about the upcoming April Fools, sorry, April Polls. Elections are on the 14th and 21st, both saturdays, and I heard we might get the fridays before them off...Now isn't that wonderful!