Thursday, 5 April 2007


I have friends, people I speak to on a daily basis, and people who think they know me well enough to predict my actions, pre-empt my speech, vouch for my character... But these people see only what i let them. And I let them see what they would be comfortable with. I'm not deliberately hiding anything from them, just narrowing down their perception of me to agreeable views.

I wonder why I feel guilty about this sometimes.

Sometimes, I think there's much more to me than you'll ever know
much more in me than I'll ever show.

Am I mortgaging true friendship then? For acceptance?

But I don't act like what I'm not. I may not show you all of me, but the parts you see are not false. They are fragments of the total being.

I don't want anyone to see everything. Life will lose meaning then.
And I want to experience true friendship.
Do I want too much?

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2ndCorin5:17 said...

Gosh dude, u know sometimes I feel the exact same way...sort of.

Your nephew's got Igbo in him too, by the way.

Great blog cousin, we go yarn