Monday, 21 May 2007

Half Drunk

My friend, Tolu (will tell you about him later) took me out after work yesterday where he proceeded to fill me up with Guinness. He insisted on me drinking despite my heated protestations. I hadn't had anyhting to eat all day and everything went straight to my head. I sauntered home at past 11pm, barely alive. This was the outcome...


This is me –
All muscled and strong
Conquering the Earth
And traveling beyond
This is me –
A knight in the wild
Rescuing from dragons
A lady and child
This is me –
The pretty girl arises
He looks in her eyes
And soon realizes
It’s Nia Long
She holds out her hand…
This is me –
A part of the band
Singing the songs
The rolling stones sang
This is me –
Star of the game
The soccer crowd cheers
Screaming my name…

The strong muscled traveler
At night in the wild
Rolls the stone
Off the pretty girl child
` a part of the band
who conquered the Earth
screaming the name
for all she is worth…

this is me –
warm and tipsy
dozing in front
of cable T.V.