Wednesday, 30 May 2007

A reason, sort of

When I first began blogging (feels so good to say that, like I've been at it for ages instead of a lousy four months) I had visions of having a wide, diverse readership, of writing such powerful, thought-provoking pieces, influenceing the world with my ideas and ideals, providing a forum for the misdirected, uninspired louts from whose ranks I had risen, to be heard everywhere around the globe...(well, apparently, that ain't happening) But I did want to be able to write all the things that happen to me on a daily basis. It's such a damn shame to see that even doing that has been impossible for me. Not becasue of discipline problems, no. the main reason is me. Me being who I am. Everytime I post a new entry I rock some boat. Some boat in which I'm in, though I don't know in what capacity (sometimes I'm the coxswain, sometimes just a passenger happy to be along for the ride) . Thing is, I'm many things to many people, and even more dangerous, I'm the same thing to quite a number of people and that gets me in trouble a lot. For this reason I have refrained as much as possible from using specific names except where it is absolutely impossible not to. And I've left the juicer aspects of my life to comment on mundane subjects totally unrelated to my daily life.

I guess I just have to be stronger (and that, frankly, is not one of my, er, strong points). I've been a successful dodger much of my life. Facing challenges cause me physical pain. And I don't like pain. Mainly because it hurts.

Well gotta go now. (I can imagine the number of text messages I'm going to recieve for this)

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2ndCorin5:17 said...

you are many things to many people and more dangerous you are the same to many....hmmmmmmmmm.
This my cousin sef, u won't go n marry. I'm coming home in december oh! 4 WEDDING!! no, WEDDDINGGGSSSSS. Okay?
On the real tho' eyah, I sympathize with u.... I'm sure you can still find a way of expression cos. frankly I'm nosy I want 2 know whats going on in ur life so...find a clandestine way of doing it okay? Tell a story, use nicknames, use poetry... hows Oj by the way? Does she have a blog too? Hit me up son