Wednesday, 9 May 2007

My weekend

I'm getting weary of events and occassions. A few weeks ago it was my birthday. I'm still reeling from the after efffects of that, and then comes my mom's birthday AND my uncles's wedding on the same day. Needless to say, it was a daunting prospect I faced as I gravitated towards Ibadan that Friday morning, like almost all my family - matrilineal, patrilineal, extended, distended and all that. I had a major part to play in both events. For my uncle I was the Bestman(thank you, thank you, thank you, you're far too kind) and for my mom...well, she's my mom so I guess the obligations are more obvious. I didnt know whether or not I'd live up to expectations. To be frank I didnt even know what those expectations were. I had a vague idea -

BESTMAN: stands behind the groom all through the ceremony mimicking him ridiculously and swatting flies off his head.
SON OF BIRTHDAY MOM: Call mom very early in the morning and make cooing sounds.

I implemented both with as much aplomp as I could muster. My uncle's wedding was by far the more spectacular, with dancing bridesmaids and sexy guests. I was trapped though. For the most part staring at the back of my uncle's head and wondering what my friends (circa, Deolu, Eroms etc) were up to. I for one, was totally inactive throughout the entire weekend. I didn't get a single phone number. The girls I spoke to didn't seem to be favourably disposed to me and I inevitably found myself conversing with species with a preponderance of pheromone.

Lemme get back to this post. I'm losing my thred of thought.